Pet Sitting Services with Roxie’s include the following:

  • One (1) walk per day when 3 visits or more are booked.
  • Backyard potty breaks
  • Feeding and keeping water and food bowls fresh and clean
  • Medicating
  • Basic litter box care
  • Clean up of pet messes (poop, pee, vomit, and tear up of toys, bedding or other household items) as best as possible.  Please have cleaning products on hand.
  • Cage, aquarium or living space (sanctuary) for small animals clean, feed, put in fresh water, and adjust lights.
  • Pet brushing
  • Playing & snuggling
  • Retrieval of mail/newspapers & pkgs
  • Water of indoor plants
  • Taking out trash canisters on trash days
  • Top off pool water
  • Alternating blinds & lights
  • Adjusting radio/tv for pets
  • Always includes a text or emailed update of how your pet is doing each day, with photos.  We will also leave a Pet Report Card for your return.

Other services available upon request.

Please refer to our Rates for more information.

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