Pet Waste Removal

Roxie’s Turd Takers

Rick and Kyle

Finding people that you can trust is not easy. We vet all of our staff by performing background and social media checks. We want to know what kind of people we are sending to your yard just as much as you do. This is how we create long lasting, working relationships with you and your furry little Turd Givers.

It is our mission to make a difference in the life of you and your pets. We provide you peace-of-mind knowing that your yard is picked up and sanitized so your family can enjoy your beautiful yard, barefoot and fancy free.  It is our goal to always make a positive impression. After all,

Your Pets Are Our Priority!

Yes, we love dogs and love being around them. We’d like to meet you and your dog(s) on our first visit to assure that everyone will get along and that we are welcomed into the yard for all scheduled cleanings. If, however, your dog doesn’t like us in their yard and prevents us from entering the property then they will have to be contained inside while we clean up the yard.  You will be charged for our staff to come out even if we are not able to access the yard due to the dog(s) not providing us access or the gate being locked. We always securely close the access point and leave it as we found it. No contract necessary and you can cancel our service at any time – just give us 24 hours notice of your usual service day. For certain special offers there are commitments to duration of service.

They Give, We Take

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