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Below is the client agreement for becoming a client with Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC “Roxie’s”. By entering our software and providing you, the client, and your pet’s information, you agree to the conditions of this agreement.


“I”, as it appears in this agreement, refers to (you) the client, your spouse, partner or co-pet owner, your family, or anyone you assign to represent you.

“Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC” or “Roxie’s”, as it appears in this agreement, refers to owners, principle members, management, or any member of our team that we assign to represent Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC.


I agree that I have requested the services of Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC to take care of my pet(s). I agree to pay the charges for the services provided as outlined in this agreement and will adhere to all of the requests below as it fits our home and pet needs.

Meet & Greet

It is a requirement that we schedule a meet and greet between you, your pets and your pet sitter within 48 hours of your first visit so that we can establish a good working relationship and that the pet(s) is/are comfortable with the pet sitter and vice versa.

Access Keys / Codes

We prefer that you provide us with 2 working keys. One key is used as a backup and for emergency purposes, lockout, or if a second pet sitter has to step in to take over due to an unexpected emergency with your primary pet sitter. If you only provide us with one (1) key, you will be charged $5.00 for each key made if required. All keys are secured in the home office under locked cabinet when not in use.

If you do not want us to retain your key a fee of $10.00 will be collected each time we make a trip to your home to pick-up or return the key. Our suggestion would be to get a key box and provide a code to Roxie’s, via the portal, so that we can access the key and return the key to the box at our last visit.

If Roxie’s is instructed to hide a key at your residence after our last visit anywhere other than the assigned key lock box that has a code only assigned to Roxie’s, Roxie’s will not be held responsible for access or damage done to your home after the key has been left.

Alarm / Security Gate

If you have a house alarm that will be activated while you are away, please notify Roxie’s of the security code via the pet sitting portal. If possible, we prefer that you set a separate code with your pet sitters last 4 digits of their cell phone number. You must provide Roxie’s and your pet sitter with: .

. the location of the key pad .

. instructions of how to disarm the alarm .

. instructions of how to arm the alarm (Away or Stay) .

. the alarm password if you have a home phone and the security company calls the house.

**Please notify your Alarm Company that we are authorized to enter your property**

If your neighborhood has a security gate, please notify Roxie’s of that gate code as well via the pet sitting portal.

Pet / Home Safety

The safety and wellbeing of your pet(s) and home are of the utmost importance to Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC and their staff. If for ANY reason your pet is a flight risk or has been aggressive to people or strangers before please notify us prior to services. We will discuss and inspect your fence, fence gates and doors at Meet & Greet to cover any concerns. We ask that you make any necessary repairs prior to our first visit.

We will also look at your dog(s) collar/leash/harness to insure safe and sturdy operation. We will not walk your dog(s) if we feel there is a chance the tools to walk them could break, snap or tear. We do ask that you make sure your collar, leash or harness has their identification tag on it just in case they get loose. As well, if your pet is microchipped, please make sure to have that chip registered or update the chip if you have moved. A quick phone call to your microchip company is all it takes.

Service Rates

Roxie’s has several service options with different rates available. You will find all of these rates and time selection options on our client portal via our website www.roxiespetsitting.com. Additional visits can be added as needed if you are returning home later than you expect. Roxie’s reserves the right to increase their rates without notice.

Additional Rates to consider when booking your trip or services with Roxie’s are:

. Holiday Rates – Holiday Rates: $10.00 extra for each visit for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

. Last Minute Reservation Fee – if you are booking services with us less than 24 hours before start time, there is an additional $20 one-time fee applied to that service.

. Before 7am Early Visit Fee – Any visits done outside of our normal business hours incurs an additional $10 fee. Does not apply with Overnighters. If this service falls on a holiday, the holiday fee of $10 trumps the Early Visit Fee.

. After 9pm Late Visit Fee – Any visits done outside of our normal business hours incurs an additional $10 fee. This does not apply with Overnighters. If this service falls on a holiday, the holiday fee of $10 trumps the Late Visit Fee.




Payment is due to Roxie’s 24 hours PRIOR to the beginning of service. You may also CHOOSE to enter your credit/debit card into your personal portal for us to charge to your card upon COMPLETION OF SERVICE.



Forms of acceptable payment are via:

Credit/Debit card directly through pet sitting portal, or

Cash, Check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle



I agree to be responsible for any and all attorneys’ fees or other costs incurred by Roxie’s in the recovery of unpaid fees. I understand that I will be responsible for all fees as a result of check returned “insufficient funds”.



Veterinary Care

I agree to provide to Roxie’s the veterinarian office we use for our pets and would prefer that they be transferred to in case of an emergency. I understand that if our veterinary office is closed Roxie’s will choose the next best option to get our pet(s) the care they need. Please rest assured Roxie’s will do everything in their power to perform life saving techniques and get the pet transported as quickly as possible.



I also agree to leave payment options available to my veterinary office in case of any medical necessity. I do not hold Roxie’s responsible for any of the charges for my pet’s veterinary care.



I will not hold Roxie’s accountable should my ill or injured pet not survive while in transport to the veterinarian office.



Camera Policy

I understand and agree that Roxie’s Pet Sitters LLC sitters have a reasonable expectation of privacy at certain areas on my property. As such, no device(s) will record anything done or said in any bathroom(s) or shower(s) on my property. In addition, when Roxie’s sitters are inside of a structure on my property, there will be no audio recording therein and no recording of any kind in any area where I have agreed to let said sitters sleep (i.e., their assigned bedroom when providing overnight services).



Release of Liability

I acknowledge and fully understand that pet care involves risks including, but not limited to, the escape of the pet(s), property damage, and serious injury, permanent disability, and/or death of the pet(s) from natural causes, the acts of said pet(s), the acts of other pet(s) and/or the acts of others. These risks may result by action, inaction, or negligence. Further, there may be other risks not known, or not reasonably foreseeable, including but not limited to disability or death.



I understand that visit times are approximate and are subject to change based on the needs of all pets under Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC care. I entrust Roxie’s to use their best judgment in caring for my pet(s), including, if necessary, arranging for a back-up pet sitter to take over duties as outlined in this agreement. I agree to hold Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC harmless for consequences related to such decisions.



I understand that animals are unpredictable and that Roxie’s cannot be held responsible for mishaps including, but not limited to, any pet’s refusal to take medication, escaping, biting, eating or destroying household items, damage to the inside or outside of the home, and personal injury or accidental death.



I understand that in the event of inclement weather, natural disaster, or emergency, the designated pet sitter is entrusted to use his or her best judgment in caring for my pet(s). Neither the pet sitter nor Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC shall be held responsible for consequences related to any of his or her decisions.



I agree that I shall be solely responsible for any and all acts of and behavior of my pet(s) while in the care of Roxie’s. This includes, but is not limited to, damage to Roxie’s property (vehicle, stroller, personal belongings) and injury to other animals or persons caused by my pet(s). Should my pet(s) bite or otherwise injure a sitter of Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC, I agree to pay all medical costs and lost wages incurred by the sitter due to such injury.



I release Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC, its officers, directors, shareholders, employees, and agents from any and all liability for injury or illness suffered by my pet(s), other animals, or persons, for the escape of my pet(s), and for any property damage.


Property Damage

I agree that I am responsible for any injury caused by any condition of my property. Agree that if a problem arises such as an AC or heater failure, power outages, pipe rupture, flood, earthquake, fire, break in, animal destroying a fence, etc., Roxie’s will make every effort to contact me and follow my instructions. If I nor my emergency contacts cannot be reached, or immediate action is necessary for the health, safety, or welfare of my pet(s),

I authorize Roxie’s to make any repairs that it deems necessary. I further agree to reimburse Roxie’s for all expenses incurred for repair of property and to hold Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC harmless for any repairs.


Pet Owner Acknowledgment

I formally acknowledge that I am the actual owner of the pet(s) at issue, and that by agreeing to these terms I acknowledge that I am binding myself and my spouse, partner or co-pet owner.



I understand that this contract shall be interpreted and governed by the laws of Texas. Each party will perform its obligations in accordance with all the applicable laws, rules, and regulations of Texas.



I understand that each waiver or excuse shall be independent of all others. Therefore, if a term or provision is waived or breach is excused, that waiver or excuse shall not waive any other term or provision or excuse any other breach.



Agreement Terms

I understand that Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time before or during its term if Roxie’s determines that my pet(s) pose(s) a danger to the sitter’s health or safety, or that of the pet’s own safety and health. If Roxie’s decides to terminate this agreement prior to my return home, Roxie’s agrees to attempt to notify me of the problem(s) at hand immediately and I therefore authorize my pet(s) to be placed in a kennel of mine or their best choosing and I agree to pay all charges.



I agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC harmless from and against any and all losses, liabilities, damages, fines, penalties, and expenses (including attorneys’ fees and other costs of defense) arising from or resulting from any breach of the representations, warranties, covenants, or duties contained in this agreement or otherwise arising out of damage or injury caused by my pet.



I will assume full responsibility upon my return for payment and/or reimbursement for necessary emergency charges, such as transport to our veterinary or an emergency veterinary office. In addition I understand that I will be responsible for payment of the extra time needed to provide such services.


If the veterinary offices named is not available, I authorize Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC to take/transport my pets to a veterinary office of their choice. I understand that Roxie’s cannot be held responsible for the results of the veterinary treatment or the loss of my pet.



I represent and warrant that all known medical and behavioral history of my pet(s) has been disclosed to Roxie’s. I specifically represent that my pet(s) has/have not been exposed to rabies or distemper within thirty days immediately prior to pet sitting.


This agreement is valid starting on the first day of service indicated in the requested services section of Roxie’s Pet Sitting LLC, whenever care for my pets is required.




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